„Nadmiarowe” zgony w 2020 r. w 29 krajach o wysokich dochodach

Nazrul Islam i wsp. Excess deaths associated with covid-19 pandemic in 2020: age and sex disaggregated time series analysis in 29 high income countries.  BMJ 2021;373:n1137

The highest excess death rates (per 100 000) in men were in Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Hungary, and Italy; the highest rates in women were in Lithuania, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, and Belgium

Conclusion: Approximately one million excess deaths occurred in 2020 in these 29 high income countries. Age standardised excess death rates were higher in men than women in almost all countries. Excess deaths substantially exceeded reported deaths from covid-19 in many countries, indicating that determining the full impact of the pandemic on mortality requires assessment of excess deaths.

BMJ, 19 maja 2021

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