Rok 2020 w kardiologii – epidemiologia i prewencja

Ramon Estruch, Luis M Ruilope, Francesco Cosentino. The year in cardiovascular medicine 2020: epidemiology and prevention. Eur Heart J 2021 online

We have highlighted the need for different protocols for men and women because of differences in presenting symptoms of ACS among sex, the truly toxic effects of e-cigarettes, and the usefulness of intermittent fasting to reduce body weight, improve several chronic conditions and reverse aging.

We have also underlined that CVD risk assessment should be started before age 40 given the importance of early life exposure to risk factors and development of future CVD events and that new treatment targets and goals have been defined in the new guidelines for the management of dyslipidemias.

Finally, despite the striking consequences of COVID-19 pandemia, prevention of most prevalent and relevant chronic diseases worldwide, CVD and cancer, should continue to be promoted by all actors (governments, scientific societies and mass media) at both population and individual levels. In this setting, an adequate and joint prevention program should be useful to fight both CVD and cancer. Let us get going!

3 stycznia 2021

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