Pozagabinetowe pomiary ciśnienia: porównanie ABPM i pomiarów domowych

Raymond R. i wsp.TownsendOut-of-Office Blood Pressure Monitoring: A Comparison of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring and Home (Self) Monitoring Of Blood Pressure. Hypertension 2020;76:1667-1673

Both ABPM and home BP are better than usual office BP in predicting future target organ damage. When guidelines recommend an out-of-office measurement technique, ABPM is mentioned as the preferred modality about half the time, with the recommendation split to language such as ABPM and home BP the other half of the time. It seems to me that ABPM has the preponderance of evidence to promote its utility as a robust, evidence-based, out-of-office measurement at this time.

Hypertension, grudzień 2020

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