COVID-19, media społecznościowe, społeczne emocje

Ashish Kumar i wsp. COVID-19 pandemic: a sentiment analysis: A short review of the emotional effects produced by social media posts during this global crisis. Eur Heart J 2020;41:3782–3783

Unfortunately, social media has also been the conduit for spreading rumours and misinformation, and creating a sense of false breakthrough in this gargantuan health crisis. Several accounts have been removed by Twitter on the grounds of spreading misinformation regarding the pandemic spread. As healthcare providers on the frontline taking care of our patients, now is the time to lead without a title and let science be the beacon. It is more important than ever for all of us to unite and raise our voices against misinformation, and only allow evidence-based medicine to guide us through this crisis of our lifetime.

European Heart Journal, 14 października 2020

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