Jaki jest “najzdrowszy” dla serca sposób odżywiania? Artykuł poglądowy w JACC

James H. O’Keefe i wsp. A Pesco-Mediterranean Diet With Intermittent Fasting. JACC Review Topic of the Week. JACC 2020:76:1484–9 (dostępny pełen tekst)

Although humans as omnivores can subsist on myriad foods, the ideal diet for health remains a dilemma.

A Pesco-Mediterranean diet of plants, nuts, EVOO, and seafood has strong cardioprotective evidence.

A daily time-restricted eating window of 8 to 12 h is a central component of this diet.

This diet is hypothetical and needs prospective and randomized studies to document its efficacy.

JACC, 22 września 2020

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