Wysiłek fizyczny w cukrzycy typu 2 – podsumowanie wiedzy

Mladen Savikj, Juleen R. Zierath. Train like an athlete: applying exercise interventions to manage type 2 diabetes. Diabetologia 2020;63,1491–1499 (dostępny pełen tekst)

Both aerobic and resistance exercise acutely enhance insulin sensitivity (~20%). Either training regimen further increases insulin sensitivity (>40%) and improves HbA1c levels by ~0.4–0.5% (~4.1–5.5 mmol/mol). Combined aerobic and resistance training regimens improve insulin sensitivity (~70%) and lower HbA1c levels (~0.9%; ~10.6 mmol/mol) and these changes are greater than those observed with either training regimen alone.

Diabetologia, sierpień  2020

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