Witamina D w dobie COVID-19 – stanowisko 6 towarzystw naukowych

Joint Guidance on Vitamin D in the Era of COVID-19 from the ASBMR, AACE, Endocrine Society, ECTS, NOF, and IOF.

One of the best sources of vitamin D is through 15-30 minutes of direct sunlight exposure on your skin daily (taking care to avoid sunburn). As a result of the current global pandemic and particularly stay-at-home orders, individuals may be spending less time outdoors, resulting in fewer opportunities to obtain this important nutrient.

For those unable to spend at least 15-30 minutes with direct sun exposure each day, the easiest way to acquire vitamin D is through food supplemented with vitamin D and/or vitamin D nutritional supplements. Although some foods in the U.S. and elsewhere are fortified with vitamin D, the levels are often fairly low.

ASBMR, AACE, Endocrine Society, ECTS, NOF, and IOF recommend that most adults 19 years and older obtain between 400 1000 International Units (IUs) of vitamin D daily from food and/or with supplements (ideal intake depends on age and sex) …

The current data do not provide any evidence that vitamin D supplementation will help prevent or treat COVID-19 infection; however, our guidance does not preclude further study…

10 czerwca 2020


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