Szybko rosnące znaczenie kardio-onkologii

Hayek SS i wsp. Preparing the Cardiovascular Workforce to Care for Oncology Patients: JACC Review Topic of the Week. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2019 May 7;73(17):2226-2235. (dostępny pełen tekst ang.)

Cardiovascular disease and cancer are the 2 main causes of death in the United States. They intersect on multiplelevels, sharing common causal mechanisms and epidemiological risk factors. The growing prevalence and complexityof cardiovascular disease and cancer have resulted in the development of the discipline of cardio-oncology. Preparingthe cardiovascular workforce for the care of a growing population of cancer patients is necessary to enhance thedelivery of high-quality cardiovascular care for patients with cancer …

JACC, 7 maja 2019

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