Niedostateczna aktywność fizyczna – globalne statystyki

Regina Guthold i wsp. Worldwide trends in insufficient physical activity from 2001 to 2016: a pooled analysis of 358 population-based surveys with 1·9 million participants. The Lancet Global Health (dostępny pełen tekst)

Prevalence of insufficient physical activity varied greatly across regions and income groups in 2016. We found the highest levels in Latin America and the Caribbean, high-income Western countries, and high-income Asia Pacific, and prevalence was more than double in high-income countries than in low-income countries in 2016. In wealthier countries, the transition towards more sedentary occupations and personal motorised transportation probably explains the higher levels of inactivity. Conversely, in lower-income countries, more activity is undertaken at work and for transport; however, these behaviours are changing rapidly.

1 września 2018

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