Wytyczne ESC/ESH postępowania w nadciśnieniu tętniczym 2018 opublikowane

Williams B, Mancia G et al. 2018 ESC/ESH Guidelines for the management of arterial hypertension. Eur Heart J. 2018 online (dostępny pełen tekst ang.)

• It is recommended that the first objective of treatment should be to lower BP to <140/90 mmHg in all patients and, provided that the treatment is well tolerated, treated BP values should be targeted to 130/80 mmHg or lower in most patients.

• In patients <65 years it is recommended that SBP should be lowered to a BP range of 120–129 mmHg in most patients.

• In older patients (≥65 years), it is recommended that SBP should be targeted to a BP range of 130–139 mmHg.

It is recommended to initiate an antihypertensive treatment with a two-drug combination, preferably in a SPC. The exceptions are frail older patients and those at low risk and with grade 1 hypertension (particularly if SBP is <150 mmHg).

European Heart Journal, 25 sierpnia 2018