Nadciśnienie tętnicze: definicja i cele leczenia – głos w dyskusji

Costas Tsioufis i wsp. Treatment Thresholds and Targets in Hypertension Different Readings of the Same Evidence? Hypertension online (dostępny pełen tekst ang.)

According to the novel definition of stage 1 hypertension starting at systolic or diastolic BP values of ≥130 mm Hg or ≥80 mm Hg almost 50% of adults in the US population (and in many other countries around the world) have hypertension, whereas the remaining 50% resides either in the elevated (ie, 120–129 mm Hg) or in the normal systolic BP range (ie, <120 mm Hg) …

hypertension, 23 kwietnia 2018