Choroby sercowo-naczyniowe w Europie 2016 – nowe dane epidemiologiczne

Nick Townsend i wsp. Cardiovascular disease in Europe: epidemiological update 2016.  European Heart Journal online (dostępny pełen tekst ang.)

Total prevalence of people reporting heart or circulation problems in the last 12 months in the European Social Survey, for all countries combined, was the same for both sexes at 9.2%. There were five countries in which more than 10% of men reported having heart or circulation problems: Poland (14.7%), Finland (13.0%), the Netherlands (12.4%), Germany (11.6%), and Austria (10.4%). This was the case for women in four countries: Poland (20.2%), Germany (14.1%), Slovenia (13.6%), and Finland (10.9%) …

European Heart Journa, 14 sierpnia 2016

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