Historia „Evidence Based Medicine” w kardiologii we wspomnieniach Salima Yusufa

Salim Yusuf. A 35-year journey to evidence-based medicine: a personal story. Eur Heart J (2015) online first (dostępny pełen tekst ang.)

In long-term secondary prevention, four simple drugs (antiplatelet drugs, β-blockers, ACE-inhibitors, and statins) along with a healthy lifestyle which included avoidance of tobacco, a healthy diet and moderate exercise could reduce subsequent deaths and reinfarction by over 80–90% (Table 1) …


Table 1

Potential cumulative impact of four simple secondary-prevention treatments

Relative-risk reduction (%) 2-year event rate (%)
None 8
Aspirin 25 6
β-Blockers 25 4.5
Lipid lowering (by 1.5 mmol) 30 3.0
ACE inhibitors 25 2.3


European Heart Journal, 19 listopada 2015