Zdrowie w krajach Europy – najnowszy raport WHO

The European health report 2015. Targets and beyond – Reaching new frontiers in evidence. WHO regional office for Europe. (dostępny pełen tekst ang.)

The 2015 report shows that improvements in health continue throughout the European Region, and some of the inequalities in health between countries, notably in life expectancy and infant mortality, have decreased in recent years. In real terms, however, these differences still amount to 11 years of life and 20 healthy babies per 1000 live births between the best- and worst-performing countries. Absolute differences between countries remain unacceptably large, especially for indicators linked to social determinants of health. In addition, the report clearly shows that the European Region still has the highest rates of alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking in the world …

www.euro.who.int, 16 września 2015

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