Dieta wegetariańska a wysokość ciśnienia tętniczego – metaanaliza

Yoko Yokoyama i wsp. Vegetarian Diets and Blood Pressure A Meta-analysis , LINK: JAMA Internal Medicine online

In the 32 observational studies (a total of 21 604 participants; mean age, 46.6 years), consumption of vegetarian diets was associated with lower mean systolic BP (−6.9 mm Hg; 95% CI, −9.1 to −4.7; P < .001) and diastolic BP (−4.7 mm Hg; 95% CI, −6.3 to −3.1; P < .001) compared with the consumption of omnivorous diets.

O Conclusions and Relevance Consumption of vegetarian diets is associated with lower BP. Such diets could be a useful nonpharmacologic means for reducing BP.

Opracowane na podstawie: JAMA / 24 lutego 2014