Pozytywne nastawienie psychiczne i wysiłek fizyczny a ryzyko zgonu w chorobie niedokrwiennej serca – wyniki 5-letniej obserwacji

Madelein T. Hoogwegt i wsp – Exercise Mediates the Association Between Positive Affect and 5-Year Mortality in Patients With Ischemic Heart Disease Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes 2013 online (Dostępny pełen tekst)

Conclusions—Patients with higher levels of positive affect were more likely to exercise and had a lower risk of dying during 5-year follow-up, with exercise mediating the relationship between positive affect and mortality. Interventions aimed at increasing both positive affect and exercise may have better results with respect to patients’ prognosis and psychological well-being than interventions focusing on 1 of these factors alone.

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