„Zdrowa” dieta – znaczące korzyści we wtórnej prewecji sercowo-naczyniowej niezależnie od stosowanych leków. Dane z badań ONTARGET i TRANSCEND.

Mahshid Dehghan i wsp – Relationship Between Healthy Diet and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Among Patients on Drug Therapies for Secondary PreventionA Prospective Cohort Study of 31 546 High-Risk Individuals From 40 Countries Circulation. 2012;126:2705 (dostępny pełen tekst)
The reductions in risk for CV death, myocardial infarction, and stroke were 35%, 14%, and 19%, respectively. The protective association was consistent regardless of whether patients were receiving proven drugs.

Conclusions—A higher-quality diet was associated with a lower risk of recurrent CVD events among people ≥55 years of age with CVD or diabetes mellitus. Highlighting the importance of healthy eating by health professionals would substantially reduce CVD recurrence and save lives globally.

Opracowane na podstawie: Circulation. 2012;126:2705 / 4 grudnia 2012