Przedłużona obserwacja UKPDS – znaczenie intensywnej terapii hipotensyjnej

Rury R. Holman i wsp – Long-Term Follow-up after Tight Control of Blood Pressure in Type 2 Diabetes Published at September 10, 2008 (10.1056/NEJMoa0806359)

Conclusions: The benefits of previously improved blood-pressure control were not sustained when between-group differences in blood pressure were lost. Early improvement in blood-pressure control in patients with both type 2 diabetes and hypertension was associated with a reduced risk of complications, but it appears that good blood-pressure control must be continued if the benefits are to be maintained

Opracowane na podstawie: Published at September 10, 2008 (10.1056/NEJMoa0806359)/ 2008-09-10